A long trip from Colombia, quite a bit of jetlag, needless to say our friends are a bit tired. The first day in Goma will thus be quiet one. Especially given the days to come...

Let's encounter Fiston. We've met him some time ago, as he approached us to sell some Congolese traditional art. We see him pretty often and appreciate what he sells (a lot of genuine stuff).

And we've bought him a lot.


So we've asked him to come over and introduce him to our friends. You can see him here in action. A friend okay, but first and foremost a businessman! And in front of him three walking wallets, rady to spend their cash! He presents what he has. Some great stuff and some fake ones for tourists.

Hey, we're in Congo, and everything needs to be negotiated here. The asking price usually is quite high and it requires time, patience, and sense of humour to get a good deal.

Salomon loves a big statue/drum and eventually buys it.


In the meantime Carlos tries a traditional masks. Suits him well, no?