The church of the "The Third one " is one of the most beautiful jewels of the colonial religious architecture of Bogota.  Its name itself due to that said church was built by initiative and to expenses of the members of the Third Franciscan Order or Secular Franciscan Order, to whom it belongs. 

In Colombia the Secular Franciscan Order was established since the arrival of the first Franciscan in 1550, and nowadays, throughout the country, they are found disseminated secular Franciscan fraternities.

The church is situated right opposite the lively Parque Santander near the Gold Museum. Its construction was completed in 1780. The curch has an impressive facade but a rather sober interior, except for teh carved cedar retables and altarpieces crafter by colonial artists. 

The construction of the church took place thanks a fortuitous find of a valuable treasure by the tertiary one Mr. Ignacio Red Sandoval, who offered it integrally to raise the church dedicated to a cultured divine and that to serve besides as headquarters of the Order Franciscan Layman of Bogota. The Virrey Mr. José Solís, who was also tertiary, heard of the project and donatet a great part of the current lot where is built the church. Mrs Francisca Caicedo and Florez, tertiary Franciscan, offered in turn, the house and solar adjacent al ground donated by the Virrey Solís, for the a lot project other donations concurred to do the construction. 

January 25, 1761, the mister Araus, Archbishop of Bogota blessed the foundation stone and in August 25, 1780 the church was inaugurated pompously. The work without interruption took on the whole 19 years.

Although it is forbidden to take pictures inside this church, it is a must see for anyone interested in the history of Bogota. Inside you will find paintings with were created in the late 1600's which is part of the reason there are no photographs allowed as the lights from the flash could damage the paintings. You won't find glits or glamour here, but a simple church with a lot of history, take the time to stop in and "feel" the history for yourself, spend time taking in each painting, as it reflects history. Listen to the paintings and the walls, for they have a magnificent story....

Address: Carrera 7 con Calle 16, Bogota.