31 juillet 2007

Lava forever

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29 juillet 2007


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27 juillet 2007

The lake of lava

The lake of lave of Nyaragongo volcano is one of the most stunning scenery we've seen. It's actually hard finding words to describe it. I guess photos speak by themselves. We spend countless hours in front of it, taking zillion pictures.
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25 juillet 2007

Rita and Jeremie by the lava lake

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23 juillet 2007


All of us at the top. Time to celebrate! The barbecue looks ready and we start cooking. Yes cooking. It's not because we're at the top of a volcano that we should not have a good time. We've brought brochettes with us, and start getting some drinks. Whisky and red wine are on offer. Every once in a while we get back to the edge of the crater (2 meters away) and enjoy the lake at night. Though it's great to see the crater during the day, the red lava is just stunning at night. We spend the rest of night chattering, singing,... [Lire la suite]
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21 juillet 2007

The crater

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19 juillet 2007

At the Top

Whilst Jonathan and Salomon are still busy reaching the top, we show Carlos around. Of course the lake of lava requires anyone's attention. But it's not the only points of interest around. The crater itself is truly impressive. And at 3,400 meters high needless to say we got great vistas over the region. We can observe big chunk of Virunga park, nice scenery of Rwanda closeby. We also have great views of Goma and the lake Kivu. After one hour, during which we desesperatly are waiting for the porters to arrive (we're... [Lire la suite]
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17 juillet 2007

The Climb

As you know, we've climbed Nyaragongo volcano already. It's probably one of our best experience in this region. We knew we would climb it again, and left this special occasion for our friends' visit. Looks like they've recovered from their long haul and we thus decide to go the next day.  We leave the house pretty early and reach the refuge. It's just 20 mns away. We've bought our permits beforehand. We  register and start arranging everything with porters. As always, it takes a bit of time. Needless to say we got... [Lire la suite]
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15 juillet 2007

Congolese Art

Let us introduce a bit of Congolese art. Above is a traditional fetiche. A traditional mask. A statue. Fiston's choice of masks.
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13 juillet 2007

Happy birthday

Hey, forgot to say that July 13th is Jeremie's birthday. Turning 35 today!
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