INDIA, Aug. 06

Here are some photos of our trip to India. If you want to have more details and get travel tips, click on the left hand side of the main page 'Trip to India'

Lake Palace Baby Taj Praying Painted Hand Taj Mahal from the river Rita and the Taj Taj Mahal Taj Mahal details Detail of the Taj Rita and the mosque's Taj Painted Ceiling Fatehpur Sikri 2 The Gate of Fatehpur Sikri Fatehpur Sikri Fatehpur Sikri detail Inside the Mosque The Wind Palace Wind Palace, detail A Guard at the City Palace Guards at the City Palace City Palace, detail Amber Palace, a gate Amber Palace, detail Amber Palace, detail of the ceiling Master and Servants Jaipur bazaar Ghat of Pushkar Heading towards the Holy Lake Women bathing Diving in the Holy Lake Enjoying the sculptures Udaipur Udaipur City Palace, detail Kumbalgarh Fort Follow the path The Priest and the Pillar Jodhpur, the Blue City Jodhpur, a street The Fort Indide Jodhpur Palace The Fort Palace, a Window The Fort at Night, a Building Jaisalmer Fort, detail Jaisalmer Jain Temple, detail Cow in the House Perfumes Camels Bikaner palace Bikaner fort, detail Queuing for prayer Rat Haveli Nadine Prince Haveli Nadine Prince, ceiling Haveli Nadine Prince, a painting A Living Room A Street in Mandawa Ganges at Haridwar Bathing in the Ganges Waiting for Aarti In the Holy Water In the Ghat In the Temple In the Street Hairdresser