Here we are back in Central Africa, where we settle down for a year. After few months in Kinshasa, the capital, and we have now moved East to Goma - on lake Kivu's shores - early January. You'll find here photos of Bonobos, Jeremie's trip to the Province of Equator, and photos of Ituri and North Kivu.

DSC00466 A family of Bonobos Stretching The Kiss A colourful lake Au lac Ma Vallée Equatorial forest Sur le fleuve Congo Promenade en pirogue Consultation médicale Classement de brousse Kinshasa dances New year's eve Goma Our house The garden Sur le lac Albert Paysage d'Ituri En Ituri Dans le camp de Tché Vélo de fortune Bunia's market Ituri's landscape In a health centre In an emergency health centre an old woman on the road chimpanzé friendship