15 juin 2007

The Guambianos

. In the Andes central cordillera, in a South-western corner of Colombia, live some seventeen thousand Guambiano Indians. Since the Spanish conquest they have gradually been pushed out of the best parts of their original land. Today they eke out a difficult existence in the colder, rainy, and more abrupt parts of Colombia’s mountains above eight thousand feet. Nobody knows how many Guambianos the Spanish found at their arrival. But in 1544-45, Cieza de León, the first Spanish chronicler of the region, wrote of a Guambia... [Lire la suite]
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14 juin 2007

Rita in Silvia

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13 juin 2007


. 50 kms from Popayan in a mountainous area of beautiful landscapes is Silvia, a typical village of adobe houses ad a traditional marketplace, known for its craft production. Its surroundings are inhabited by the Guambiano Indian community, which preserves its traditional customs. A picturesque mountain town 53 kms north east of Popayan, Silvia is the centre of the Guambiano region. The Guambiano people don’t live in Silvia itself but in the small mountain villages such as Pueblito, la Campana, Guambia and... [Lire la suite]
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12 juin 2007

Popayan by night

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11 juin 2007


. Amid rolling foothills at the southern end of Valle del Cauca, Popaya is a small gem. Know at the “Cuidad Blanca” for the stunning uniformity of its chalk-white facades, it is second only to Cartagena as Colombia’s most impressive colonial city. Founded in 1536 by Sebastian de Belalcazar, after a ferocious extermination campaign against the Pubenza Indians, an agricultural and wearing community which did not yield to the Invaders. Its privileged geographical position between Cartagena to the north and Quito to the south... [Lire la suite]
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09 juin 2007

Other animals in Cali's zoo

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08 juin 2007

The Zoo of Cali

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07 juin 2007

Monkeys in Cali's zoo

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06 juin 2007

Tigers and Bears

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05 juin 2007

Wandering around in Cali

. After a superb breakfast on our hotel’s terrace, we wander around in town. It’s Sunday and the city is very quiet. Among the city’s architecture highlight is the Church of San Francisco. Closeby is the Cathedral. We arrive on time for the Easter mass. The cathedral is full and we decide to stay until the end of the mass. We continue discovering the city’s centre. There’s not much to see. The city is nice but one can’t say it’s particularly beautiful. We head towards Cali’s hidden gem: its zoo. The zoo... [Lire la suite]
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