16 novembre 2006


On my way back to Congo. I love this photo. Africa at its best.
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15 novembre 2006

An encounter

On the way back from the sites where new comers have just settled, I encounter an Impala. There is so little space left in Rwanda, that people are being installed just by the Akagera National Park. Needless to say this will seriously impact on wild animals still living there. This bird does not seem much concerned though....
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13 novembre 2006

Children of Rwanda

Some photos of children in the transit camp. . . . .
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11 novembre 2006

Life in the camp

Here are some photos taken in the transit camp. A new life starting for the new comers. A new born Queuing at the health post Food distribution A Red Cross Volunteer Children fetching water at a resettlement site
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09 novembre 2006

Forced repatriation from Tanzania

Today we'd like to talk about the situation in Rwanda and Tanzania. A highly touristic country, little is known about the current forced repatriation of rwandophones and other refugees there. Jeremie was asked to have a look at the situation there, and here is what he's found. A bit of background: Tanzania and refugees The first three periods prior to the 1994 genocide in Rwanda were characterized by an open-door policy towards refugees. Once initiated by Tanzania’s first president Nyerere in line with his general... [Lire la suite]
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15 mai 2006

Overlooking lake Kivu and the plantations - Vistas sur le lac Kivu et les plantations de thé

Just before reaching Kibuye, we turn right and head north towards Gisenyi. For a hundred kilometres we shall try finding our way in a muddy track full of holes. Looks like we're approaching Congo... The path becomes quite steep and after a while, fantastic vistas over lake Kivu and its small islands. For three hours, we pass through remote villages and people greet us as we pass by. This area is tea plantations' heaven. It's everywhere. All over the hills. All of a sudden, green is the colour. Avant d'arriver à Kibuye,... [Lire la suite]
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14 mai 2006

On the road from Gitarama to Kibuye

On our way back from Butare to Gisenyi, we decide to avoid the Kigali-Ruhengeri road, but pass through Kibuye instead to discover a new region of Rwanda. On the way, superb vistas over the hills, and we can't resist posting some more photos of this great road. Nous décidons d'éviter la route passant par Kigali et Ruhengeri pour notre retour de Butare vers Gisenyi, et passons par Kibuye, et découvrons une nouvelle région du Rwanda. En route, superbes vues sur les collines, et on ne résiste pas à l'envie de vous faire... [Lire la suite]
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13 mai 2006

Rwanda: precolonial times - Le Rwanda du début du siècle

Here are some photos of life in Rwanda, in early 20th century. All are on display at the national museum in Butare. Voici quelques photos de la vie au Rwanda au siècle dernier. Celles-ci peuvent être admirées au musée national de Butare.     Early 20th century King un roi du début du siècle     Members of the royal family, early 20th century Membres de la famille royale, début 20è siècle
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12 mai 2006

Butare's museum - Le musée de Butare

Traditional pipes The National museum of Rwanda is located in the town of Butare approximately 135 km from the capital city of Kigali. (Butare is considered to be the intellectual centre of the country with its National Museum, arboretum, and several academic (university) and research institutions.) It is considered to be one of the best museum in East Africa. The structure of the museum was meant as an expression symbolizing the quality of life in Rwanda. Both the internal and external parts of the building have elements that... [Lire la suite]
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11 mai 2006

The Mwami palace in Nyanza

               Mwami's traditional palace Before the arrival of the Europeans, Rwanda was a centralised state complete with a monarchy. Traditionally, the royal court of the kings was mobile. By the arrival of the Europeans, the palace has shifted to Nyanza. It was at Nyanza that the first European met with the King Musunga. The complex comprises of the modern palace (actually it is simply a modern houseconstructed in 1932 for Mwami Rudahingwa Mutara III, a reconstructed... [Lire la suite]
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