11 avril 2007

On the way to Ghorepani

. We wake up early, and have our breakfast around 7 am and then en route to Ghorepani, our next destination. The road is a combination of climbs and flat ways, with few steps from time to time, stretching our legs and muscles “à la Jérémie”. We do not stop much to rest, yet it takes us 5 hours to get there. . . It’s now around 3 pm. We take a shower straight away. I go to sleep for a while and then we go and look around to some shops. Everything is available, from cigarettes to drinks, apple pies, etc.... [Lire la suite]
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10 avril 2007

Starting the trek

. The taxi is waiting for us at 7 am. We head to Nayapul, an hour away. Once there, time to start the trek. It is first walking downhill, and it’s not too tiring. We walk for about 2:30 hours. We have already passed the station marked in the guidebook for the first day. We decide to continue until Ulleri, which we reach after a hard and steep steps climb. We choose one of the few lodges around. We’re tired and can hardly have a stare at the famous Annapurna Range. . . We pass through some interesting... [Lire la suite]
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09 avril 2007

Practicing Yoga

After a good night, I wake up at the sound of numerous species of birds singing near the Phewa Tal at 4:30 am. I try to sleep for a while but it doesn’t work. We order breakfast on the terrace with a superb view on the lake and the mountains. Then we go around  for a walk and take a small row boat for two hours. We stop in the middle of buffalos taking a fresh bath. At noon, we go and meet our porterguide Bachan Rai. We explain what we expect from him, and other small details. He takes us to the ACAP office where we get... [Lire la suite]
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07 avril 2007

Heading straight to Pokhara

We finally land at Kathmandu at 1:30 in the afternoon. First thing we do is to book our plane to Pokhara. Luckily, there’s a seat available. We have to wait until 5 pm for the plane to take off. It is a small plane, with a loud noise. I can’t relax for a second. We arrive 40 minutes later, and it is raining in Pokhara. We take a taxi to our hotel. It is perfect, with a view on the lake, a room with a bathtub. All of this for just 7$ a night. We take a relaxing shower and get a good rest before going for a little walk, searching... [Lire la suite]
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06 avril 2007

On the way to Kathmandu

We go to the airport at  4 pm. The plane is on time, we have a long time to wait at the airport of Doha… so excited to get to Nepal. We finally take the plane at 11:45 pm and we’re due to land at Kathmandu at 7 am the next day. As we approach the descent, a heavy fog lies in the city. The captain explains he can’t land and has to go to Dehli instead!!! We wait there the whole morning, waiting for the weather to get clearer.
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05 avril 2007

Fancy Nepal?

For those who may not know, we're currently in Colombia. For 3 weeks. Obviously we did not want to let you down and wanted to keep the blog alive in our absence. We've been to Nepal a few years ago. We still had our photos (not all that great I am afraid, it was a cheap camera) but couldn't find our notes. When we went to Lebanon a few months ago, Rita searched in old papers, and found her notes of this trip. Starting tomorrow, our trip report of our trek around the Annapurna, a safari in the Terai, and the beautiful... [Lire la suite]
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