16 avril 2008

Encounter with a Geisha

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13 avril 2008

Enjoying Kyoto's cultural marvels

Mrs. Tani has prepared fresh little green bread-like bums on the table. My guessing bite uncovers a dark brown paste on the inside. Strange funny taste I thought, but managed to finish it. Black bean paste and jams are widely used here with what we think is green tea bread. Bottoms lightly sore from yesterday, we ride our bikes along the water canal. Ginkakuji temple is under renovation and we’re only able to enjoy the vast and well maintained garden. Workers are busy modelling the white sand in waves and not so obvious... [Lire la suite]
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09 avril 2008


. We wake up ready to jump on our feet to discover Kyoto: it’s 3 AM... Too bad. We start working on our itinerary instead until we fall asleep again and wake up around 9. Mrs. Tani, has already prepared us breakfast by humble western standards: tea (green of course), bread, butter and jam. Mrs. Tani is an nice and determined old lady who has started hosting tourists after the government’s request to alleviate the accommodation situation during  the 1964 Osaka Olympic games. She has continued doing so ever since. We move to... [Lire la suite]
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07 avril 2008

Getting there...

. The schedules of the past few days were very full: I was in Amman for a week and came back only yesterday while Jérémie was busy preparing and choosing designs for our house and garden with the different people supposed to carry out the works. We barely had enough time to pack and close the house. We were both working until the last minute and then a phone call: ‘are you ready?’ Next thing we’re on the plane but our minds still so busy and a feeling of having forgotten something… that we’re going on holiday in JAPAN! ... [Lire la suite]
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13 mars 2008

Next trip

Japan. We are taking off tomorrow. Needless to say we're really excited. You will not hear a lot from us in the three coming weeks. But promised, you'll get a detailed travel report and the usual tips, as soon as we come back. Rita and Jeremie
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10 mars 2008


I am not a marketing expert, but I am sure you'll agree that this ad for Viagra says it all!
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27 février 2008

Black Swan

Black Swan, by Nassim Taleb Four hundred years ago, Francis Bacon warned that our minds are wired to deceive us. "Beware the fallacies into which undisciplined thinkers most easily fall--they are the real distorting prisms of human nature." Chief among them: "Assuming more order than exists in chaotic nature." Now consider the typical stock market report: "Today investors bid shares down out of concern over Iranian oil production." Sigh. We're still doing it.Our brains are wired for narrative, not... [Lire la suite]
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21 février 2008

Snowshoeing at Laqlouq

It is a beautiful Sunday and we decide to head to Jabal en Knisse. Just close to Laqlouq. We are a group of 10. We all start the snowshoe trek under a beautiful sunshine. The views over the frozen lake are spectacular. We try a local speciality: ba'asama. One just need to mix it with snow! This is Laqlouq.
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18 février 2008


I know one doesn't need excuses to party in Lebanon. But we had quite a good one this time: Rita just turned 30. Needless to say lovely cakes appeared once again... everybody cheering up Jeremie and Imad like Marx brothers
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31 janvier 2008


Smiling... ...drinking... ...dancing... ...some funny moves... Obviously something is being celebrated here...
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