10 mars 2007


Life is not easy in Congo. But despite an acute poverty and lack of good future prospects, smiles are what you're likely to encounter, almost everywhere you go. So if you live in a wealthy western country, just don't forget that there are people way poorer than you. And they keep on smiling.
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09 mars 2007

Women's Day

Yesterday was Women's Day. Though no one takes much notice in Europe; it's taken seriously in Congo. Women are used to go on a march this particular day. But it's not the usual demonstration. It's well organised and has its rituals. Women march in groups; usually working for the same organisation, administration, company, or NGO. They make a special dress for the occasion. All women from the same organisation wear exactly the same dress. They obviously also display the organisation they're working with. Songs and... [Lire la suite]
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08 mars 2007


Let me introduce you Janvier. This nice fellow is an EC driver and - like so many Congolese - a resourceful person. In this particular event, it was even more funny to see him. Late December, as I was in Ituri, some heavy fighting started in Bunia. Quite unusual since MONUC (the United Nation force in Congo) is present in the city. Shooting is very close from where I stay and I start wondering what this could be. The reflex is to contact the security officer and check the situation. As I head towards the terrace, I encounter... [Lire la suite]
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06 mars 2007

Pity the Nation

Pity the Nation, by Robert Fisk Written by one of Britain 's foremost journalists, this remarkable book combines political analysis and war reporting in an unprecedented way: it is an epic account of the Lebanon conflict by an author who has personally witnessed the carnage of Beirut for over a decade. Pity the Nation is Robert Fisk's personal history of Lebanon from 1976 until 1990, during its series of civil wars and invasions by Syria, Israel and various western powers. Fisk was a personal witness to many of... [Lire la suite]
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05 mars 2007

Trip to Israel?

I guess you're all convinced now, aren't you?
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03 mars 2007

Another Bat

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02 mars 2007

Birds on the lake

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01 mars 2007


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28 février 2007

Quiet Bird

there are also quiet birds.
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27 février 2007

The insect

At Ishango, one can not only see Uganda Kob. There are also all kinds of insects...
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