17 juillet 2007

The Climb

As you know, we've climbed Nyaragongo volcano already. It's probably one of our best experience in this region. We knew we would climb it again, and left this special occasion for our friends' visit. Looks like they've recovered from their long haul and we thus decide to go the next day.  We leave the house pretty early and reach the refuge. It's just 20 mns away. We've bought our permits beforehand. We  register and start arranging everything with porters. As always, it takes a bit of time. Needless to say we got... [Lire la suite]
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15 juillet 2007

Congolese Art

Let us introduce a bit of Congolese art. Above is a traditional fetiche. A traditional mask. A statue. Fiston's choice of masks.
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13 juillet 2007

Happy birthday

Hey, forgot to say that July 13th is Jeremie's birthday. Turning 35 today!
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12 juillet 2007

Encounter Fiston

A long trip from Colombia, quite a bit of jetlag, needless to say our friends are a bit tired. The first day in Goma will thus be quiet one. Especially given the days to come... Let's encounter Fiston. We've met him some time ago, as he approached us to sell some Congolese traditional art. We see him pretty often and appreciate what he sells (a lot of genuine stuff). And we've bought him a lot. So we've asked him to come over and introduce him to our friends. You can see him here in action. A friend okay, but first... [Lire la suite]
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11 juillet 2007

Children of Rwanda

Some children met on the way.
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10 juillet 2007


Some of the scenery along the way. Close to Ruhengeri, we got great views over the plains and hills around. As one approaches to Gisenyi, tea fields abound. We can see Nyaragongo volcano in the Virunga National Park as we reach Gisenyi.
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09 juillet 2007

Los Colombianos en Congo!

Let us introduce you those three gentlemen: From left to right: Jonathan, Carlos (nicknamed El Negro) and Salomon. As you know, we got to know each other much better during our trip in Colombia. Since none of them has ever been to sub-saharian Africa (and that we are leaving soon beautiful Congo) we invited them to come and visit us here in Goma.
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08 juillet 2007

Une vie Française

Une Vie Française, de Jean-Paul Dubois, Poche. Voici l’histoire de la vie de Paul Blick. Qui se confond avec celle de la cinquième République Française. Une France qui crut à de Gaulle après 1958 et à Pompidou après 68, s'offrit à Giscard avant de porter Mitterrand au pouvoir, pour se jeter finalement dans les bras de Chirac. Et Paul, dans tout ça ? Après avoir découvert, comme il se doit, les joies de la différence dans le lit d'une petite Anglaise, il fait de vagues études, devient journaliste sportif et épouse Anna, la fille... [Lire la suite]
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06 juillet 2007

Baby Gorilla

A few weeks ago, Rubiga - an adult female gorilla of the Kabirizi family - was killed in the Virunga National park. The reason of the killing is still not known. As you can imagine, we were disturbed and shocked with this news. This is Ndakasi. The gorilla orphan that is currently being taken care of in Goma. An orphan gorilla has very few chances of survival and thus need constant care. Ndakasi weighs 2.6 kgs and drinks between 3 to 4 liters of milk a day. He recently suffered from a respiratiry infection that... [Lire la suite]
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04 juillet 2007

Where are you from???

Time to take stock. We've started this blog a year and half ago. Since then, 65,000 people visited it and read more than 350,000 pages. But what we like above all is that you visitors come from almost all over the world. This map shows where you are all from (in red). Thanks for your fidelity and all the kind messages sent.
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