23 janvier 2008

Shoe shine

Beirut is full of surprises... This is just a shoe-shine, shoe-repair kind of place, that one can encounter anywhere in the Middle East. An old fashion shop, where time seems to have stopped and that nobody seem to care about when walking pass through it. Nothing to write home about you may think. Bear with us then; we like this kind of place... Downtown Beirut has lost all its Middle East features. The districts around the city centres are all about skyrises, expensive hotels, fancy restaurants, top end shops and trendy... [Lire la suite]
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21 janvier 2008

Old Beirut

Beirut is not only about modern buildings. One can also find great treasures. Any idea what this is about?
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15 janvier 2008

Merry Christmas!!

It becomes a tradition. Our Christmas was celebrated at Mireille, my very-short-of-a-chef cousin! The kids of course were very anxious for 'HIS' arrival... Everything in the house was tastefully decorated, the walls, the tree, the ceiling (with golden balloons), and of course the table. Despite the numerous delicious dishes (5 cold entrees, all kinds of cheese and charcuterie, 2 hot entrees, 4 main dishes and 5 desserts), at no time during the eve did we stop eating. Mireille had prepared a surprise, the very Lebanese trademark of... [Lire la suite]
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11 janvier 2008

The race

Ready for the race. Rita gets the final instructions. After a 2 laps warm up, the race starts. The photo is self explanatory of who is ahead.... Some seem quite serious.... whereas others are more relaxed! With our friend Imad. (photos taken by Lutecia)
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09 janvier 2008

Kings of Karting

Getting ready. Final instructions. The race can start...
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03 janvier 2008

Welcome to Lebanon

This is a cake. Visitors to Lebanon should know that a cake is an essential item for any social event in Lebanon. No party, celebration, dinner, family lunch, religious celebration, you name it, can take place without a cake. A cake-free party is almost unheard of in this part of the world... Hey, here we are back in Lebanon. Back to our favourite country. Back to close friends and family. And back to lovely cakes...
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01 janvier 2008


Happy new year!
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30 décembre 2007

Last parties in Congo

What would be Goma without its infamous parties?? That's one thing we shall really miss. (though we're not too worried about the level of partying in Lebanon...) Jeremie is the DJ here, but his favourite wife is just about to take over!
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28 décembre 2007

Bye Bye Congo

We are on our way out of Africa. Time for us to pack all our stuff, organise moving house, and say bye to all friends and colleagues. From left to right, Jeremie's colleagues: Mukendi, Francoise, and Jean Marie.
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26 décembre 2007

Basketball in Congo

On Sundays, one can watch basketball in Goma. There are many teams playing and it's serious stuff. The top two teams will go to Kinshasa to participate to the nation cup. Two of my staff are playing basketball. But not in the same team. Jeremie and I went to see Daddy playing (team in Green). Whilst Dario shall comment the whole game for us. With the names of every player, their nickname, and so on. The Yellows (sorry I forgot the names of the teams...) are way better than Daddy's Greens. Nice moves though, and... [Lire la suite]
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