05 mars 2009

Rita is pregnant

You were certainly wondering... What is happening? This long silence. Well... I guess the photo is self-explanatory... All is well with us. Just quite busy with our jobs, and preparations for the big event. Promised, we'll try to post more regularly from now on. And don't worry, we still have lots of projects in mind. After a good trip in Russia, we plan to head back to Asia sometime this year.
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13 mars 2008

Next trip

Japan. We are taking off tomorrow. Needless to say we're really excited. You will not hear a lot from us in the three coming weeks. But promised, you'll get a detailed travel report and the usual tips, as soon as we come back. Rita and Jeremie
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10 mars 2008


I am not a marketing expert, but I am sure you'll agree that this ad for Viagra says it all!
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24 août 2007

Last day in Brittany

. It’s a nice day with nothing much achieved except enjoying the sun and the day passing by. Jeremie does a bit of gardening again whereas Boris and Rita read some newspapers and rest. After another excellent lunch, time for Boris to head back to Paris. We bring him to St Brieuc so that he catches his train and we head back home. We leave tomorrow to Cambodia and still have many things to do: packing the house, packing our bags, etc. Not many fascinating things to say about it I am afraid…
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23 août 2007

Côte de Granit Rose

. Briac has left early, as we were still asleep. He has to get back to work. With only a couple hours of sleep, I guess his day shall not be the very productive… We wake up pretty late and enjoy the morning. Time for some tourism. Since this is Boris’s first time in Brittany, we want to show him around and do some tourism. Hard choices, there are so many things to do in the region. We decide for the Cote de Granit Rose (the Pink granite coast) so called because of the colour of the stones in this part of Brittany.... [Lire la suite]
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22 août 2007

Eating, Drinking, Gardening, Drinking, Playing, Smoking

. We all wake up late and don’t do much in the morning. Jannig has to leave, since Lison has to take sailing courses later in the day. Briac stays with us. Jeremie goes to St Brieuc to welcome Boris who came to pay us a visit. That’s his first time in Brittany (he comes from Avignon, Southern France). With so many French around, I guess there aren’t much choice but doing the national sport: aperitif and good food. The weather is still excellent, so barbecue is on offer. Everyone gets busy preparing lunch. We enjoy it all under... [Lire la suite]
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21 août 2007

Friends arrive

. Still many things to do in the house and in the garden before our friends arrive. The weather is fantastic. Okay, looks normal since we’re in July but hey, it’s Brittany and one never knows. Beautiful blue sky, very sunny, some winds to clear some daring clouds, absolutely perfect for us. Briac and Jannig arrive, with their children Lison (8) and Marjan (a 6 months old baby). It’s been a very long time we haven’t seen each other. It’s good to meet old friends again. Briac is in charge of the barbecue, his speciality. Jeremie... [Lire la suite]
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20 août 2007

Home Sweet Home

. It’s been 2 years we haven’t been to our house in France. Needless to say we were pretty apprehensive about it, wondering in what condition we would find it. Not afraid it would be robbed or something (there are neighbours around watching what goes on in a Lilliputian hamlet), but the more general condition of the place. Leaving Congo, we were not expecting to find jungle in Brittany. But our garden made the trick. Our 4 hectares of land was covered by overgrown vegetation, with wild grass as high as one metre. Brittany... [Lire la suite]
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04 juillet 2007

Where are you from???

Time to take stock. We've started this blog a year and half ago. Since then, 65,000 people visited it and read more than 350,000 pages. But what we like above all is that you visitors come from almost all over the world. This map shows where you are all from (in red). Thanks for your fidelity and all the kind messages sent.
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03 juillet 2007


I guess this photo leaves no doubt. Our next destination is Cambodia. We'll tell you more about our trip when we return. In the meantime, as promised, we're gonna entertain you in the coming days with our colombian friends' visit to the land of Congo. Below some more photos on Cambodia, picked here
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