Riviera's amazing murals

The Palazio de Gobernio is a must to learn about history and a chance to visit Rivera’s murals. After a long queue, we are greeted by an impressive introductory video on the building of a nation. 3D, sound technology and all the Tokyo-like add-ons make for a sophisticated museum entrance. The Palacio has over 500 rooms including the president’s office which we tour. Diego Riviera’s murals are everywhere. We take a French speaking lady for a guide, which proves very instructive and enjoyable about the history of Mexico from the Aztecs to modern times.

We visit the Cathedral without a lot of expectations as we have already come to see a lot of marvelous ones. We walk around in calle Donceles among dusty bookshops and book dealers. We find some old National Geographic volumes that we add to our collection before heading to Bella Artes. There are some interesting murals, including the excellent one Rivera did and was destroyed in the US at the Rockfeller centre.

Jeremie finds himself some trendy t-shirts in Sears department stores.



We had lunch at Sor Juana, a nice little place behind calle Donceles

Dinner at Opera bar, not worth it really, but the old times décor has a certain atmosphere.

We have a wonderful drink with a view at the Miralto on floor 41st of Torre LatinoAmerica. The view is magnificent, the drinks are the best we had so far at very regular prices, even cheaper than elsewhere in town. The views on Mexico city at night are incredible from all sides. Nice to gaze at the lights wondering that spread indefinitely.