08 décembre 2010

The feria

  Here we are; ready to discover Zacatecas, where the far west comes alive. We start inquiring about the activities during the feria. After a visit to the tourist office, we end up buying tickets for tonight’s rodeo show and Sunday’s Corrida. We also decide there is not much time to waste and go to the ‘instalaciones de la feria’, at the far end of the city to watch the ‘charreria’, a sport with a very Mexican identity, consisting in the art of handling and twisting ropes to catch livestock from the top of your horse. There... [Lire la suite]
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05 décembre 2010

Oaxaca to Zacatecas

  During our travels, we rarely stay so long in a capital, let alone in a laid back city. But truth be told, Oaxaca is no usual city, it charmed us and made lots of promises, all of them fulfilled, except perhaps for the ‘mole’, the magic sauce that accompanies most dishes, that is definitely not to our taste. We spend some time visiting art galleries and exhibitions before packing and leaving to the airport. You guessed it right: we’re going to Zacatecas, where the feria lasts for two more days. Our flight to Mexico is... [Lire la suite]
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