30 août 2010

Newmarket and K road

This city is so spread… There are so many neighborhoods to explore but there isn’t enough time. We focus on Newmarket and K road, sampling vintage shops and art galleries. Some pieces of art we find outrageously expensive. Jeremie desperately looks for nice manga bookshops with little luck. We take the bus for the first time and it prooves quite nice to have a tour of the city.  What we find it completely cool is that no matter how you’re dressed it seems to fit with the scenery and doesn’t attract weird looks from other... [Lire la suite]
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27 août 2010

Home in the city

  We try to skip it every now and then, but no, Jeremie has a hard time convincing me not to go to the zoo when we travel. We spend the morning at the Auckland zoo and get a glimpse at the kiwi, the pinguins and try the cold weather sensation theater. It was worth it, though we could not see kangarous. In the city we do like the business men do. Soon enough, we trade our campervan and upgrade to 5 star hotel. A lot of time was spent returning the campervan and getting reimbursed for the half-days lost repairing the battery... [Lire la suite]
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23 août 2010

Volcano in the city

  Auckland is one of those amazing cities that sits on the highest number of active volcanos. Rangitoto island is the result of a volcanic explosion, and one of the best places to have a panorama of the city, from amidst the trees. The volcano is not considered active. We take the ferry there and start the hike to the top. It’s a nice walk close to the beach with some good bird watching opportunities. The day continues with a walk around second hand bookshops around Devonport and art galleries, where we enrich our National... [Lire la suite]
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19 août 2010

Tauranga to Auckland

We catch breakfast with the seagulls on the beach in Tauranga before hitting the road. We pass some empty cities and wander around in a city where shops seem specialized with antiques, they call it the antique trail. It feels like the notion of time does not exist here as we stumble upon dust-eaten books, old-fashioned china and colonial era pieces. Our driving skills in New Zealand do not prove as good as we’re about to reach Auckland. We spent hours in the traffic and awkward road and neighbourhood logic. We can’t seem to find... [Lire la suite]
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