We try to skip it every now and then, but no, Jeremie has a hard time convincing me not to go to the zoo when we travel. We spend the morning at the Auckland zoo and get a glimpse at the kiwi, the pinguins and try the cold weather sensation theater. It was worth it, though we could not see kangarous. In the city we do like the business men do. Soon enough, we trade our campervan and upgrade to 5 star hotel. A lot of time was spent returning the campervan and getting reimbursed for the half-days lost repairing the battery (didn’t mention it before? Oh really?). Free of the load, we take a wonderful walk in Queens st. and High street and enjoy the beautiful weather before retiring to our 5 star beds- everything feels so spacious in here…



Dinner at Dine by Peter Gordon, located at the hotel. Exciting new tastes and very enjoyable meat. One of the waiters kept telling us to enjoy the food and wondering if we like it. Nice attention to details.

Stay at Sky City Grand Hotel. 151$ without breakfast: a great deal in central Auckland