It rained throughout the night in our city parking lot. Apparently parking is hard in Wellington for campervans, with camping grounds at least 10 km outside the city center. We had chosen the best option without knowing it. In fact, parking grounds exist, except that you have to pay for it and it remains way cheaper than camping grounds.

So we get wet and cover Noemie as we do parts of the walking tour mentioned in the LP. The shopping streets we find of little interest and we fail to notice the artsy shops which we thought would be close to Paris standard. We stop by the Museum of City and Sea, where we stay about an hour looking around, we like the movie on the Wahine tragedy on the 1st floor.

Cuba St. is busy as always. The shop Graphics has some good graphic novels and Jeremie finds some Mangas that guarantee we won’t be in another comics book store till the end of the trip.

Around 4 pm, we leave in the direction of Napier, NZ’s art deco city and red wine region. The traffic jams on the way out of Welly are the first of our trip. We spent around 1 hour moving slowly, but that’s maybe because we’re a Friday and people leave on week-ends. After 4 hours, we make it to Hastings, 20 km from Napier. We stop at Vidal Restaurant. In the parking lot, Noemie takes her bath and goes to sleep while we head for a fine dining experience. Amidst big oak barrels and classy settings, we understand we are in for a treat. We have oysters for starters and I get chocolate gravy venison (deer). Jeremie has an equally delicious seafood casserole.



Parking for 1 night at the Te Papa museum is 12NZ$, if check out is later than 8 am, 24NZ$

Pravda is a good restaurant serving crispy and delicious pork belly among many other things. The coffee matches the reputation of Wellington for great coffee.

Dinner at Vidal Wine restaurant in Hastings, great finesse and taste.