Our ride to the North Island is scheduled for 1 pm on the Interislander, one of the finest ferry trips. But first we have to figure out how we get out of our hidden heaven: last night we got a little stuck in the mud as we parked but we stayed there hoping it will dry till morning. Not quite… We spent nearly an hour going back and forth, filling the soil with gravels, until we finally made it. We end up wet, muddy and ready to have another shower, but time is not on our side and the road ahead is one of the most challenging so far. Water and gas tank filled, we get on the boat to Wellington.

2,600 Km later, we leave the South Island. We are delighted to notice that we have not met a single sandfly, not even far south.


We observe the South island and the panorama from the deck. Rocky formations are home to marine birds on the wild edges of the Marlborough sounds. Fresh winds. Waves break on the dark rocks while seagulls plunge for their preys.   

Wellington is cloudy but we decide to finish the day with a visit to Te Papa, reputedly NZ’s best museum. The exhibitions’ quality and creativity is unsurpassed. We soon find ourselves chasing the tiniest interactive tools and visiting the weirdest rooms. The section on Pacific islands is quite interesting and new to us and the exhibits on fauna and flora are very enjoyable.

We put Noemie to bed (in the Te Papa parking lot) and search for a culinary experience. Hard luck, the restaurant we chose closed its doors since the latest LP edition. So we try Fioriditas which proves a good substitute. On our way out, heavy rains greet us and we get to our house/campervan all wet and cold. Noemie is sound asleep.



The warehou fish at Fioriditas proves to be an excellent choice and the Lemoncello Trifle is yummy beyond description. Jeremie is a bit disappointed with his Pavlova but likes the lamb very much.