28 août 2008


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22 août 2008

Fish day

. We definitely don’t want to leave Japan without watching a kabuki show. We’ll tell you more about it tomorrow. So our first mission of the day is to get out tickets. We then head to the world’s largest aquarium. The entrance is amazing and you get to see the fish up-close. There are lots of different sorts of aquatic animals, from seals to penguins, to sharks, manta rays and the magnificent whale shark. We stroll from one place to another like kids. Don’t miss the jellyfish right at the end. Their colours and shapes are... [Lire la suite]
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18 août 2008

Nagasaki and arrival to Osaka

. We ride our bikes to the Nagasaki Cathedral that was destroyed during the bombing. Ironically, the epicentre of the atomic bomb was just the cathedral in Japan’s only renown Christian town. Very little is left, some statues and stones. We then go to the memorial of the bombing that is less impressive than the one in Hiroshima. We pick up a bento at the train station and head to Osaka in the silent car train to the city that never sleeps. Osaka attracts you immediately by its lights, skyscrapers, small alleys, and... [Lire la suite]
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