31 mai 2007

People of Salento

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30 mai 2007

Valle de Cocora

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29 mai 2007

Cabalgata in Cocora

. Founded in 1850, Salento is one of the oldest tow’s in Quindio, and one of the smallest. It’s a hour away from Armenia but feels like hundreds years away. The main square and streets around it retain the dimensions of a typical pueblo. There are fine old houses. Stretching from Salento eastwards to the tiny hamlet of Cocora and beyond, the stunning Valle de Cocora is like a lush version of Switzerland, with a broad, green valley floor framed by rugged peaks. However, one can remember we’re a few degrees from the... [Lire la suite]
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28 mai 2007

The Coffee Belt

. The Coffee Belt, which developed in Old Caldas, dedicated practically all its land to the cultivation of coffee, creating a common culture in the region. This characteristics is notable in the food, the family and the “architecture of the colonisation”, in which the use of guadua and other woods predominate, together with a decoration in vivid colours, and broad corridors brimming with flowers which encircles the houses. Three different states emerged from Old Caldas: Caldas with Manizales as its capital, Quindio with Armenia... [Lire la suite]
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26 mai 2007

People met on the way

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25 mai 2007

From Bogota to Armenia

. We leave Bogota early as planned. As soon as the city gets behind us, the scenery changes from the Andes ahead of us to deep valleys and serpentine roads. Slightly after Bogota, we pass through sunny countryside towns where Bogotians come to enjoy a hot day next to a pool, such as country clubs or week-end houses in Melgar.  When we reached la 'Linea', the scenery becomes fantastic. Exotic trees, lush vegetation and green valleys. The road is filled with big large trucks taking all sorts of merchandise from the Pacific... [Lire la suite]
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24 mai 2007

The Cathedral of Salt

. Zipaquira’s Cathedral of Salt is a unique monument in the world. It's enormous, with as much to explore as a Gothic Cathedral in France, only it's all underground!! It’s also the only church in the world where I've been invited to taste the walls… The cathedral was built in the depths of its Magic Mountain. This is a gigantic deposit of salt that was laid down millions of years ago when the oceans covered South America. The oceans dried out, the salt was left to be covered over with new strata and... [Lire la suite]
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23 mai 2007

La Candelaria and Raquira

. Travelling through a desert landscape we reach La Candelaria, where a monastery of the same name stands, belonging to the Order of the Recollect Augustinians, a 17th century building which provides lodging and has an important collection of colonial art. We then head towards Raquira, the “land of pots” of the Indians, and Colombia’s premier producer of pottery. The only thing to do is to stroll around the only street filled with souvenir and craft shops: here you find every thing from hammocks, to pottery,... [Lire la suite]
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22 mai 2007

People of Vila de Leyva

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21 mai 2007

Vila de Leyva - details

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