The last day of this short trip. So many things to do… As I was expecting, we don’t even go to Katmandu's Durbar Square. Instead we walk around and notice that as soon as we get out of the centre, we are back to see naked children, people looking for ticks in each other’s hair, horrible smells of not-so-fresh meat and unimaginable things at 10 in the morning. We go to Freak Street which was famous in the 70s for the hippy style life. Prices are considerably cheaper and roads quieter. We take a cycle shaw back to Utse. After packing our stuff and relaxing a bit, we go and eat to Pilgrims restaurant, that has a relatively big and varied bookshop. We have to collect Jeremie’s jacket and it’s time to take our taxi for the airport, and depart to Doha. We are taken to a good hotel so that we can wait and sleep. In the plane, the only thing that come to my mind is the continuous “Om Mani Padme Hum”…..


Meaning “Peace, good luck, long life” in Tibetan. The one and only song in Nepal.

I can almost hear Jeremie getting his gun ready to shoot me…