Second day of the safari. The staff wakes us up at 5:15 am!!! We have some coffee 45 and finish in time for the elephant ride at 06:00 am. We go to another site of the jungle this time and cross the river. It is quiet, but thanks to the very agitated elephant we ride, no animals can be found. We still have the chance to see deers and peacocks and how an Asian elephant can run fast trying to break anything in his way. We go back to the camp and have some breakfast. We then leave for a scary experience for me: the jungle walk. I am so excited to go, but my excitement changes into fear as the guide briefs us on precautions to take if attacked by wild animals. Precautions includes: hide behind a big tree or run in zigzag if charged by a rhino, shout loudly if attacked by an aggressive bear, look at the Bengal Tiger in the eyes… and pray you come out alive! As our steps lead us deeper and deeper into the jungle, my heart achieves a high score in terms of beats per minute. We can hear animal sounds around us like wild boar and all kinds of birds. The tension comes to its highest level when we pass nearby the rhino’s territory. Luckily it wasn’t there… until a few minutes later when we see it eating quietly in the hoods. I immediately hide behind a tree and try observing it from there. The observation lasts around 5 mns, but for me…a lifetime. When we finish the trek, I can take a “deeeeep inhalation”. We come back and have a rest. Soon after, someone starts yelling “Tiger, tiger”. We get to know that a big tiger crossed the river and came to drink at the sight from the lodge and unfortunately nobody answered the call.

In the afternoon, we can’t resist another elephant bathing. Later, we decide to go for a boat ride to the village nearby along with a French couple with their Nepali children. We go there with some kind of a farming char, pushed by 2 cows. As soon we reach the village, it starts raining heavily. We stay with some people, mostly villagers’ children, where Jeremie enjoys teaching new games and taking pictures. We take our small boat afterwards, it is still raining but we got the chance to see big deer in group, and a rhino “gently” taking his bath in the river, very close to us. We come back to the resort exhausted and really dirty. Quick shower and dinner and straight to bed!