Sunday! The rest day. Truly! We go straight to the small airport to take the small noisy plane to Pokhara. But I am happy to take it this time. We arrive at 9:30 am to the Sacred Valley Inn, say goodbye to our guide and then breakfast!! (After a well deserved shower of course). We go to the Tea Garden restaurant which has a superb view on the lake and fill our hungry stomachs. We decide to rent a motorbike, but before doing so, we pass to the travel agent to confirm that we are going to Chitwan tomorrow. Half an hour later we are on our motorcycle, heading to the Tashilik Tibetan village. We visit the monastery; and the numerous souvenir stalls where Jeremie can practice his negotiation skills. We buy some small items. Then we go towards Begnas Tal, another small lake of Pokhara. It is 25 kms from the lakeside area, where we are staying. We arrive, with no other tourists in sight. It was quite a fearsome journey, considering the state of the roads and the way Nepalese drive. We go to eat in a place that has magnificent view over the lake. The food is fine, and we did not have to wait for hours. Soon after lunch, it starts raining heavily with lots of wind. We take shelter into a room and start playing cards for one and half hour. Rain calms down a bit and we decide to have a go. It is at that moment we realize we did not have our raincoats!! We leave anyway. The helmets are soaing in water, and the motorcycle too. It takes us around 35 mns to get to the hotel, as the rain goes on again. We are all wet and dirty from head to toes, but still our smile on. We deserve a good shower and relax a bit before going to check our emails. Jeremie just learn he got a new job he applied for. We have to celebrate that. We go and eat in Moondance restaurant where we order some Thai food. It was good and the atmosphere was nice.