30 novembre 2006

Pizza Time

Here we are again at Bassem's. This time, it's serious stuff. Bassem has just built a traditional oven. We are all here for the inauguration. It's gonna be pizza time. Bassem and Eva have bought all possible ingredients to make any pizza one fancies. We're all ready to start. Massimo, the Italian usual suspect, escapes discreetly and prepares the first pizza. He comes back half an hour later, proud as ceasar. And in front of everyone, starts eating his stuff. Okay, we got the message, and some of us head to the oven and start... [Lire la suite]
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29 novembre 2006

Badmington in Style

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27 novembre 2006

Intellectuals in action

A friend our ours recently was wondering what we were doing in Goma. I mean, apart from work. That's why we decided to talk a bit about us and our social life here. So you've recently seen the usual suspects (a non exhaustive list) and those excited ladies punching men whilst playing basket ball. Today, let's talk about some intellectual activities of ours. I am sure most of you have heard of the game Trivial Pursuit. There are questions about history, geography, litterature, science, sport and cinema. We invited our... [Lire la suite]
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26 novembre 2006

Is it really basket ball?

that's the question.... .
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24 novembre 2006

What's the sport they're playing???

So we felt like doing some sport this Week-end. All usual suspects are here, ready for action. First mistake. We are all at Bassem's, he got some space to exercise. What shall we play? Whatever, but let's play boys against girls. Second mistake. Indeed, when it comes to play against men, our favourite girls became wild. I mean, really wild. They jumped and kicked all over the place. For hours. Third mistake. But their mistake!! The folowing day, they could barely walk... So tell me, what's the sport we... [Lire la suite]
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23 novembre 2006

Usual Suspects in Congo

Here are the usual suspects in Goma. Friends we hang around with. In the coming days, we'll tell you more about how all those funny characters spend their time off in this interesting city...
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21 novembre 2006

That's us!!

Let's be a bit narcissic today... Just a picture of us. We take this opportunity to say hello to all the ones we love. And greetings to the thousands of strangers following our blog.
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20 novembre 2006

Danse du Leopard

Danse du Leopard, de Lieve Joris. Au moment où l’auteur arrive au Congo (1997), les enfants-soldats de Laurent-Désiré Kabila prennent le contrôle de Kinshasa. Le "lion" a vaincu le "léopard" Mobutu, le vieux dictateur. De la capitale Kinshasa, en pleine déshérence, abandonnée par la plupart des résidents étrangers, jusqu'aux régions de forêts les plus reculées, Lieve Joris parcourt le pays, observe, recueille les témoignages, démonte les rouages passés et présents d'une corruption qui change de... [Lire la suite]
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19 novembre 2006

Dancing children

The papys needed a rest. Nono had the great idea of asking street children to come along. Children in DRC are truly amazing when it comes to dancing. Those two who came before us were no exception. For 20 minutes, that was a real show.
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17 novembre 2006

Buena Vista Social Club - Congolese syle!!!

It's not often we have the chance to have a band playing in Goma. Last night was somewhat a great event. Our friend Nono, owner of Chez Nono (former Coco Jambo- an open air restaurant and nightclub) decided to gather old Congolese musicians to play live. Not the usual Ndombolo stuff. But genuine Congolese music, mixing very different kinds of styles and influences. An initiative like a Buena Vista Social Club, but Congolese style. Later on it evolved into latino and rock classics. Okay, the sono was awful, the musicians not as... [Lire la suite]
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