30 septembre 2006

People of Bikaner

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29 septembre 2006

Banwar Niwas

We've told you about Banwar Niwas Palace - our hotel in Bikaner. We loved it so much, we can't refrain from posting some photos here. One of the best hotel we've stayed during our travels. If you pass by Bikaner, don't miss it!! . . .
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28 septembre 2006


. Junagarh - the fort of Bikaner - was constructed between 1588 ad 1593 by Raja Rai Singh, a general of the army of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. Palaces ad luxurious suites were added by subsequent maharajas. Unlike many Rajasthan forts, Junagarh does’t command a hilltop position. However, thanks to clever architect, it has ever been conquered. It’s protected by a 1000m-long wall with 37 bastios, ad was once surrounded by a moat (now dry). The sandstone Surajpol (Sun gate) is the main entrance. There are nice palaces within the... [Lire la suite]
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27 septembre 2006

People of Deshnok

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26 septembre 2006

Holy Rats!!!

. This is not a rat. This is a reincarnation of Karni Mata descent. Here we are at the notorious Karni Mata Temple, at Deshnok, 30 kms south of Bikaner, where pilgrims worship thousands of holy rats. Karni Mata lived in the 14th century and performed may miracles during her lifetime. When her youngest son, Lakha, drowned, Kami Mata ordered Yama, the god of death, to bring him back to life. Yama replied that he was unable to do this but that Karni Mata, as an incarnation of Durga, could... [Lire la suite]
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25 septembre 2006

People of Ramdevra

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24 septembre 2006

Ramdevra, the Pilgrimage

. For almost a week, we’ve seen pilgrims walking along the road. For hundreds of kilometres. Our curiosity run high and really wanted to make it until their final destination. Ramdevra is normally a desolate and windswept desert village. With the annual pilgrimage, it’s become an extraordinary lively and colourful city. Its important temple is dedicated to deified local hero Ramdev, who lived in the Middle Ages. He was born in Tanwar village to a Rajput family and was opposed to all forms of untouchability, believing... [Lire la suite]
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23 septembre 2006

People of Jaisalmer

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22 septembre 2006


. About 7 kms north of Jaisalmer, Bada Bagh is a fertile oasis. There are cenotaphs that carved ceilings and equestrian statues of former rulers. The place does not present much interest and we do not last long. The whole region is scattered with windmills that supply military barracks with electricity (we’re quite close to the border with Pakistan). Amar Sagar is not very far away. There is not much interest in here either, with the exception of a Jain temple that has some nice sculptures. Those two sites do not... [Lire la suite]
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21 septembre 2006

Jaisalmer's Palace

. Before the heat hit the city, we head towards Jaisalmer’s fort. Within its walls is a warren of narrow, paved streets complete with Jain temple and the old palace. Built in 1156 by the Rajpout ruler Jaisala and reinforced by subsequent rulers, the fort was the focus of a number of battles between the Bhattis, the Mughals of Delhi and the Rathores of Jodhpur. One enters the fort through a series of massive gates leading to a large courtyard. Jaisalmer is a living fort, a quarter of its population resides within its walls. It’s... [Lire la suite]
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