The road from Mbarara  to Kisoro is a wrinkled path where your maximum speed could reach 40km/hour. The villages are scattered next to the main road and people are busy and very helpful when you ask for assistance and they rarely ask for assistance in return, something that has gradually changed with the proximity to the Congolese region!
So what's in Kisoro? You think: Oh of course the mountain gorillas on the Uganda side. As we check in the hotel, the employee asks us when we are going to track the gorillas. Actually, we didn't come here for this costly and widespread tourist attraction. The city is quite pleasant and the hotel is the oldest in the region who has seen such frequent visitors as Dian Fossey and other remarkable gorrilla lovers. We spend the evening next to the chimney, in the lounge full of travel and gorilla books that suddenly transported us into 'travel mode dreaming state'. After a day of travelling through the west of Uganda from Fort Portal, a well deserved dinner and sleep awaited us.


In the morning I go to meet with an NGO having interesting projects that offer an exchange and learning opportunity. So I drive with Dick (his real name) up to a place with a very nice scenery. A very beautiful fishless lake called Mutanda lies below us with a huge wetland transformed into an agricultural space. He then tells me that there is no fish in the lake and their project works towards providing fry (little fish), drawing the community away from the massacred wetlands towards fishing activities that are more lucrative than growing crops and thus reviving the economy, protecting the wetlands and promoting tourism. 
We then go to visit the fish ponds where african catfish, tilapia and capitaine is grown. The idea is simple and straightforward, yet it is the first reliable fry farm in western Uganda and Eastern DRC.
I return to the hotel and we go in town for some souvenir shopping - as if the supercarmarket was not yet full - before driving back through Cyanika in Rwanda and Gisenyi on our way to Goma.