traffic jam in Kampala

Kampala is built on seven hills, the city center is on just one of them, Nakasero. The top half of the hill is a garden city of wide, quiet avenues lined with large houses behind imposing fences and a golf course. Embassies, international aid organizations, up market hotels, government offices and the rich reside here. The bottom half of Nakesero hill is a world away from this, composed of shops, small businesses, budget hotels, cheap restaurants, street markets, Hindu temples, the bus station and taxi parks. The streets in this congested area overflow with people, battered old cars, lottery ticket sellers and pavement stalls offering everything from rubber stamps to radio repairs.

coke_on_stockKampala has become a modern, bustling capital, after suffering a great deal during the years of civil strife. Under President Museveni the city has gone from a looted shell to a thriving city befitting the capital of one of the most rapidly developing countries in Africa. The electricity works, clean water comes out of the taps, damaged buildings are now habitable, many new ones have gone up, and the shops and markets are once again well stocked. There are casinos, nightclubs and fancy restaurants. Compared to neighboring African cities it's safe place to stroll around.

We don't stay long, enough time to rob several malls...