26 février 2006


La Part de l'Autre, d'Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt 08 octobre 1908 : Adolf Hitler recalé. Que se serait-il passé si l'Ecole des beaux-arts de Vienne en avait décidé autrement ? Que serait-il arrivé si, cette minute là, le jury avait accepté et non refusé Adolf Hitler, flatté puis épanoui ses ambitions d'artiste ? Cette minute là, aurait changé le cours d'une vie, celle du jeune, timide et passionné Adolf Hitler, mais elle aurait aussi changé le cours du monde. Alternées tour à tour, défilent en effet sous nos yeux deux vies... [Lire la suite]
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25 février 2006

In the crowd - Parmi la foule

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24 février 2006

Theater play, Lubero style

Families in Africa, especially Eastern DRC, can grow big. The average family has 6 children. Some have up to 12 or more. As part of the JGI health activities, we implement sensitisation of family planning methods. The idea being that by leaving a sufficient amount of time between one birth and another, both the mother and baby will be in good health, the family will not fall into debts to feed their children, and the parents can afford to send their kids to school. Now how does this relate to an NGO that mainly cares about natural... [Lire la suite]
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23 février 2006

China !!!!!!

You guessed it right: that's where we're going for a well deserved (mmmh...) holidays. It's a long time we want to go there and unfortunately it never materialised. But we're stubborn (or travel addicts, as you prefer). We now got our plane tickets in our hands, and I have to say we're quite excited to discover China. Actually, given the size and diversity of this country, and that we have less than 3 weeks, we will stick to one province: Yunnan. It lies in the South West of China and is almost as large and populated as France.... [Lire la suite]
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22 février 2006

Village tales

A few weeks ago I had the chance to be in the field in a lost corner of the world. In this story the field means the orange sand bumpy road connecting small villages, hills, rivers, forests, and a bunch of tempting landscapes. Waking up early morning, little Kabuo (meaning third child in Swahili) can take some time to check if the 2 chickens owned by her family have given any eggs. She will be able to eat one before going to school if she goes there before her brothers. Slowly she gets up, trying her best not to disturb their... [Lire la suite]
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21 février 2006

Do you understand what I am sayin'?

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20 février 2006

Massissi Picnic

It was a rainy week-end. But it was fun. After an epic saturday night of dancing and drinking, we decided to join some friends on Sunday and picnic in the mountains. Driving west, leaving the lake behind, and one becomes surrounded by stunning hills, so typical of this region. It's not long before we reach Massissi and the road becomes steeper. Quickly we find ourselves in the midst of green, right in the mountains. The landscape is superb: there are no banks around, but one would swear that's Switzerland. We reach 2,600 metres,... [Lire la suite]
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19 février 2006

Our house

View of our 'estate' from the lake
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18 février 2006

Dolce vita on the lake

Hey, here comes the week-end... And what's our favourite activity then? Well... we have the chance to own a Zodiac (a modest speedboat), so when the weather allows, we find ourselves having fun on the lake. Needless to say it's quite a change of lifestyle as compared to Sudan and Aceh! Voici le week-end qui s'annonce... Nous voici prêt pour notre activité favorite : nous avons en effet la chance d'avoir un Zodiac ; donc quand le temps le permet, on va faire les fous sur l'eau. Inutile de dire que ca nous fait un... [Lire la suite]
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17 février 2006


It's coming. After Asia, it's now in Europe and Africa. Don't underestimate it. If widely transmitted to humans, this pandemic will have tremendous - deadly - repercussions. Here is a first read to get prepared. Very general, but give some useful advices: Pandemic_Influenza_Planning___A_Guide_for_Individuals_and_Families_CDC01_2006.pdf If interested knowing more on the issue, here are very interesting articles from the Foreign Affairs magazine. You'll find here everything you need to know about the bird flu pandemic. The... [Lire la suite]
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