It's coming. After Asia, it's now in Europe and Africa. Don't underestimate it. If widely transmitted to humans, this pandemic will have tremendous - deadly - repercussions.

Here is a first read to get prepared. Very general, but give some useful advices: Pandemic_Influenza_Planning___A_Guide_for_Individuals_and_Families_CDC01_2006.pdf

If interested knowing more on the issue, here are very interesting articles from the Foreign Affairs magazine. You'll find here everything you need to know about the bird flu pandemic.

The Next Pandemic, by Laurie Garrett : The_Next_Pandemic.doc

Preparing for the next Pandemic, by Michael Osterholm : Preparing_for_the_Next_Pandemic.doc

The Human animal link, by William Karesh and Robert Cook : The_Human_Animal_link.doc

The lessons of HIV/AIDS, by Laurie Garett : The_Lessons_of_HIV_AIDS.doc

If you want to dig even further or have practical questions, there are of course loads of websites available. You'll find a lot of very contradictory information, some very reassuring (to prevent widespread panic), others announcing a huge catastrophe. So it's certainly best you stick to the most serious ones, such as the World Health Organisation, and the Official US government website for information on pandemic flu. You'll find here objective information, that explains what's at stake and the danger this pandemic poses.

Better safe than sorry.