Fest Noz

The Fest Noz (translation: Festival of the Night) is a Breton traditional festival.
There is traditional music, dancing and drinking, particularly of chouchen, a traditional drink made from fermenting honey in water.
Although the traditional dances of the Fest Noz are very old, dating back to the Middle Ages, the tradition of Fest Noz is more recent, being invented in the 1950s.
Originally, a fest-noz was an event of the rural agricultural population in a small area of Brittany, an affair restricted to the immediate community. The idea of the fest-noz was simply entertainment, a chance to meet, dance, eat and drink with neighbors. In the late 1950's, though, the idea of the fest-noz was appropriated by some people who saw it as an ideal way to keep alive Breton dance and music traditions.


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