In Frehel Cape

The cape of Fréhel is a magnificient head land of pink sandstone and declining schist, and with sunny weather, a great panorama of the Grouin headland in tha east, and of the cape of Erquy on the west. Surrounded by 400 hectares of protected landes, it offers in spring and autumn a symphony of colours with the yellow of gorse, the pink and purple of the different species of heather, the green of fern or the blue of dune thistles. The old lighthouse (1701-1847) known as "Tour Vauban" as well as the actual lighthouse (1847) are here to welcome you.
After the discovery of the headland, take the coastal path. The site is particulary renowned for its ornithological preserve which shelter about 700 couples of marine birds as much on tha coast as on the islets of the "Petite Fauconnière" and the "Grande Fauconnière".


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