There is still that scent of the great departures for high-sea fishery in the sea of Iceland on the quays of Paimpol. At the same time the old town unfolds a maze of nice little streets. The old Icelander's harbour still holds the memories of this high-sea fishing period and of the eighty schooners or so which came to look for shelter here. Even though the sailors of Paimpol left the town in the 15th century, it was however to experience its hours of glory during 1855 and 1915, as well as many tragedies because of the ferocious nature of the sea. The old streets of Paimpol open out on the harbour, giving irresistible charm. These streets are called the Latin Quarter, and in olden days the sailors used to frequent the many cabarets here. The Place (square) du Martray is a feast to ones eyes, with its fine 16th century houses.


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