Also known as the land of the sea, Brittany's past is filled with the legends of drowned cities and Arthurian forests as well as strange and inexplicable archeological formations.
Brittany was, after all, home to the enchanted Forest, was where Merlin lived, and where corsairs sailed to the new world. The people from Quebec retrace their roots here, and Great Britain owes the "great" in its name to distinguish it from this unique one-of-a-kind region of France.
The region's great attraction is a long, jagged coastline. Glorious beaches line its northern shore, with huge tides sweeping it clean and interspersed with well-established seaside resorts seasoned fishing ports and abundant oyster beds. The south coast of Brittany is gentler, with wooded river valleys and a milder climate. The west, being exposed to the Atlantic winds, has a drama that justifies the name "Finistère", the end of the earth. Inland you can find the Argoat, once the land and the forest, now a patchwork of undulating fields, woods and


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